Webflow Web Development for Professional Service Provider in Dubai


Extent is a dynamic organization based in Dubai, dedicated to providing professional services to businesses aiming to establish themselves in the region. As a newly established company, they were on the hunt for a comprehensive digital presence, one that would not just exist but make a statement. Their vision was a corporate website that would be a true reflection of their brand ethos.


Main Goals

  1. Develop a corporate-styled website, aligning with the traditional corporate consulting style.
  2. Ensure the website tells a compelling story, highlighting Extent's journey and its unique value proposition.
  3. Seamlessly integrate HubSpot CRM with custom forms to streamline client interactions.
  4. Integrate a YouTube widget to further enhance the site's multimedia content and user engagement.
  5. Ensure the website's adaptability across devices, from mobiles to desktops
  6. Embed performance marketing tracking tools.
  7. Develop a feature enabling brochure downloads post-collection of contact details.
  8. Develope a dedicated career page, aiming to attract potential candidates and enrich Extent's team.


From a technical standpoint, we aimed to ensure a smooth development process. Leveraging our prior experiences, we worked diligently, collaborating closely with Extent to address any concerns along the way.


Guided by Extent's meticulous Figma designs and enriched by the insights from the provided website copy, we embarked on shaping a platform tailored for its target audience. The website was structured to offer a clear overview of Extent's spectrum of services. In our pursuit of an enhanced user experience, we integrated HubSpot CRM for streamlined communication and added a YouTube widget for multimedia interactivity. We also introduced a feature for brochure downloads after collecting user contact details, fostering a deeper engagement. Recognizing the importance of a responsive design, we ensured the website's adaptability across varied devices. Additionally, a career page was crafted, beckoning potential candidates to become part of Extent's journey. To round it off, performance marketing tools were embedded to monitor user interactions.


The website serves as a humble representation of Extent's dedication to facilitating business growth in Dubai.  We at ExSol are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Extent and assist in translating their vision into a digital format. It's our hope that the platform will be a useful tool for all entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in Dubai.

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